About us

epiLate, aesthetic franchising specialized in definitive hair removal treatments using SWT technology and body remodeling, began its activity in Brescia in 2010. The exponential growth of the company has led it to establish itself on the national territory until the opening of epiLate Madrid, affirmed center of aesthetic medicine. The quality of the machines and the preparation of the operators are the distinctive features of epiLate. All this to offer the customer an exclusive high quality treatment.

Company – Mission


The Brand pays particular attention to its customers and offers them the best treatments and products on the market. In fact, immediately, the franchising business has achieved great success, leading to the opening of the second center in the Milan hinterland.

The advantage of opening a franchised shop in a franchise is understood by many and requests for membership are becoming more numerous, expanding throughout Italy.

Today the epiLate brand is recognized throughout the national territory, not just by experts in the sector.

The franchising has more than 90 epìLate brand centers in Italy, a center in Spanish territory, inaugurated at the end of 2015, in Madrid and a center in Sud Africa, inaugurated in 2018.

We use advanced technology under the Ellipse brand, a Danish multinational in the medical sector, which allows us, together with the high preparation of the operators, to be a leader in the definitive epilation market.

Added to this is the constant commitment to training the operators and the excellent service offered to our customers, which represent the distinctive traits of the brand.

The quality of services, the low price and professionalism guarantee high performance and create the formula that makes epiLate a winning brand.

We continually look for affiliates who share our mission and corporate values, with a strong personality to become an excellent brand ambassador.

Why rely on epiLate?


The customer who relies on epiLate has the certainty of being followed by highly qualified personnel that allows him to have a personalized, safe and effective treatment.

In fact, there is a full-time support of Ellipse® doctors (clinical specialists) and the direct assistance of the Italian medical team, specialized in clinical dermatology, to meet every need.

We have chosen to incorporate the best and most advanced Ellipse® technology, the SWT (Selected Waveband Technology) that meets the most stringent requirements of effectiveness, safety and quality. It also owns FDA and ISO9001 certificates and is subject to rigorous clinical tests.

Our machine is also equipped with two latest generation Ellipse® patents: the square pulse that allows us to obtain maximum efficiency, for concrete and clinically tested results and the double filter that ensures extreme safety in every phase of treatment.

In order to become part of the epiLate team, the operators must be in possession of an adequate professional certification, obtained following an in-depth preparation and a verification test, as well as constant internal updates.

Efficacy of machinery, guarantee of results, professionalism of our operators, constant medical assistance, advanced technology, uniqueness and experience: these are our added values, our strength, our know-how at your service.